Diani Holidays and Safaris

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the requirements of obtaining a Kenyan Passport?

a) To fill an application form acquired form immigration office. 2 surities
and 2 witnesses must sign this form.

b) 3 colored passport size photographs, which should be attached on the
application forms.

c) Original birth certificate.

d) Original Identity card.

e) Letter indicating purpose of passport procurement.


What are the requirements for a visa?


– Valid passport at least 6 months after return of journey.

– 1-3 passport size photos depending on each foreign country’s embassy

– A document for purpose of visit to that country

– Proof of financial creditability

– Strong family ties



What measures are taken to accommodate the handicapped and the
unaccompanied minors and what special facilities are given?

There are facilities for the handicapped provided the carrier is made aware
in advance by stating the degree and type of disability. This includes the
extend of handicaptsy; type of meal plan, special health arrangements and as
for the minors, the carrier arranges for escort though sometimes at a fee.


What happens when there’s no flight on my desired date of travel?


Ans: Should there be no flights on your desired/requested dates, then we
give you the next available either earlier of later provided you give us the
alternative range.


If while on journey my luggage is damaged or lost, or lost and found
damaged, who is responsible?

Ans: The carrier is responsible and the degree of compensation varies from
carrier to carrier.


What entertainment facilities do you have for visitors in Kenya and E.

There are casinos, discotheques, carbarens (strip-teezers), theatres,
cinemas (movie shows), Christian church choirs (open air) among others in major

What type of local transportation means do you have?

Air      –  Plane

Road  – Rail, Buses, Bicycles, Cars, Carts, Tuk Tuk

Water – Ships, Boats, Rafts, Dhows


Water-Ships, boats, rafts, dhows

Tailor-made itineraries are also organised according to clients’ needs to
help them realize their dream. This may include occasions like conferences,
exhibitions, weddings and other special
interest tour


a) East Africa has a lot of attractions to offer and your better option for
this. Due to its diversified topography, this is a land of contrast ranging
from the snow-capped Mt. Kenya in Kenya and Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. There is
an opportunity for you to conquer these highest mountains in Africa with a
height of 19,340 feet with various extinct volcanoes, trek through rainforests,
meadow, moorlands and high altitude alpine deserts.

b) Wildlife

It’s only in this region that you find over 5000 species of mammals and
over 10,000 of birds. One experiences the thrill of sighting the Big Five-Lion,
Leopard, Elephant, Rhino and Buffalo, vast herds of wildebeest and Zebra
migrating across the Masai Mara. Crocodiles, long-necked gerenuk, Gravy’s Zebra
and reticulated giraffe, the elusive bongo, giant forest hog, black leopard and
Columbus monkey the dik-diks, reedbucks, duikers, grantee and Thompson
gazelles, Maasai giraffe, hippos, warthogs bat-eared foxes. There are also
millions of strong flocks of flamingos, Cranes and other multitudes of bird
life which keep on migrating from Europe to the region in March to May flooding
National Parks and reserves with beauty that can’t be ignored.

c) Physical attractions range form the Great Rift Valley, rivers, lakes,
the Crying Stone, falls like the Thompson and fourteen falls in Kenya, the
historic sites like Gedi runs, Fort Jesus, Olduvai Gorge, Ollugesaille, Human
reards of Vasco da gama and other marine National Parks, Museums, sandy
beaches, the pleasant weather conditions-conducive throughout the year.

d) Cultural attractions

You will be able to appreciate the un-interfered with culture especially of
the Maasai, the Swahili at the coast, the Rendille, Borana, Pokot, Samburu and
their ways of dressing, building of houses called ‘Manyattas’, various
festivals like food festivals, Christmas, Idd-ul-fitr and Ramathan, the
drummers (traditional) and traditional songs, way of dressing, eating and
dancing. All these cultural attractions are combined in Bomas of Kenya where
you can see Kenya’s diversified culture that makes it fascinating. Here,
various aspects of Kenya culture are displayed including their crafts.

e) Sports

Various forms of sporting activities are organized which includes; Balloon
safaris which can be organized on request and can be arranged on safari in the
Maasai Mara as side-excursion or prior to the main tour, mountain climbing on
Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Mt. Kenya in Kenya – Africa’s highest and
second highest mountains respectively. Water sports like; rafting, goggling,
swimming, fishing, cruise expeditions e.t.c. We also have Safari rallies being
special sports in East Africa


f) Car Hire

Our company can organze a variety of car-hire services to offer depending
on your needs i.e. where you are and where you would like to use the car; be it
within the city center or outside. The offer of these cars ranges from Daihatsu
charade, Nissan sunny, Land Cruiser, Mazda prestige, Nissan-9 seater, Pajero
intercooler to four-wheel drive in case of rainy seasons. To hire these cars,
therefore; –

g) Driving age

The driver must be over 23 years and not over 70 years of age with proper
identification besides his driving license.

h) Driving license

The hirer must produce a valid license that has been held for at least 2 years
upto the time of hire with a license that is free of endorsements. For foreign
drivers, they must produce their International driving license.


i) Tariffs

– The tariffs for self-drive vehicles are exclusive of fuel.

– Chauffeur driven-vehicles have tariffs exclusive of fuel


j) Deposits

A deposit of the approximate hire charge will be made on signing the hire
contract and full charge for the estimated distance to be covered.


k) Insurance

To comply with insurance regulations, which are mandatory, all vehicles are
insured and so third party liability and material charges insurance are
included in the rates and so the hirer is responsible for the first USD. 850 on
any individual claim.

The hirer will be responsible for all equipment within & part of the
vehicle and so, collision Damage Cover is highly recommended. This will help
reduce the hirer’s responsibility on any claim subject to the terms of the

l) Security

Vehicles shouldn’t be left in public places unattended for overnight, if
anything, they may be parked on personal premises without charge and incase of
theft of any personal effects from the vehicle, it is not covered by the
insurance so take good care of the cars.