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Ziplining in Kenya


Ziplining in Kenya

The zip lining experience; Pointers There are plenty of zip lining locations in Kenya, and the best one might be closer to you than you think. Some of the best zip lining locations are in Nairobi while the rest are spread out through the country. Even the coastal region of the country has zip lining for your enjoyment. However, always remember to dress correctly before zip lining. The lighter your clothes are, the higher your chances of enjoying the zip lining experience. Some of the best zip lining locations in Kenya include other activities such as hiking into zip lining. With heavy clothes, your comfort will be limited. Not to mention, clothes such as dresses and skirts are prohibited in some zip line locations because they can be hazardous. Remember to always listen to your guide regardless of the fear gripping your nerves. For newbies, zip lining can be a terrifying experience, but with the help of your guide, it can be an adventure of a lifetime, especially if you will try the longest zipline in Kenya. The most important thing to remember is your safety, which is the highest priority.

Kereita Forest Kereita Forest 
Located 45 minutes from Nairobi (70 km) and a few kilometers from Kimende Town. The forest is located at the tip of Aberdare Ranges and is filled with fantastic greenery and a host of sites. Kereita is also the longest zip line in Kenya stretching to 2.4km over lush vegetation and rivers. It meets international standards and is operated by FlyingFox. The Forest refers to the area surrounding Kereita’s zip lining location Their gates are open from 5:00 AM through to 6:00 PM, and from the zip lines, you can see various animals such as monkeys, elephants, bats, and different bird species. Kereita Forest has a six zip lines with the first names The Colobus Catapult and is 425m long. This zip line launches you from the Adventure center across the valley to the second zip line, The Flying Elephant with speeds of up to 60kph. The Flying Elephant is 385m long and has a spectacular aerial view of the forest. The third zip line is called The Eagle’s Nest and is 395m long. It gets its nickname from the eagle’s characteristic of soaring high above ground than most flying animals. At 150ft, you will have a perfect view of the giant trees in Kereita Forest as well as the canopies that make the forest such a beautiful sight. The Big Sky is the fourth zip line (360m) with a direct view of Mt. Kenya and leads to The Mooooving Target (325m). The latter gets its name from the cows that love this trail because if its amazing views

Machakos Zip Line
Located in Machakos People’s Park is one of the best zip lining locations in Kenya. With cables suspended 30ft above the ground, you will have the perfect view of Machakos          People’s Park as well as its environs. Machakos is located an hour from Nairobi, and a drive offers the ideal opportunity to see various attractions along the way. You can also choose between the 200m long zip line and its 300m long counterpart, but the latter is where the fun can be most experienced.

Machakos has a city has more than enough to offer regarding picnic locations or video and movie shoot locations, and the introduction of a zip line has made the town even more attractive. The park has plenty of picnic tables, so all that is required of you is some Maasai blankets and your cutlery. The zip lining in Kenya cost is affordable as earlier mentioned considering the Machakos zip lining experience only costs Ksh.500. Entrance into the park is free, and while it might be 1.5 km from the main road, the park’s maintenance and cleanliness standards are very high. The best thing about a zip lining experience at the Machakos People’s Park is there are plenty of other activities you can engage in after zip lining. You can also bring kids and have them enjoy the fun that comes with a park such as toys, ice cream, and games.

Limuru zip line
Located in Limuru zip line is easily accessible by public transport considering it is only 15 km from Nairobi City. The zip line is located in The Dam Redhill and passes through the actual dam in an adrenaline-filled adventure. It is also affordable and offers a good view of the neighboring town as well as the resort where some people choose to spend the night to enjoy the rest of what Limuru and The Dam Redhill have to offer. To get to The Dam Redhill from Nairobi, board the matatu heading to route number 114 at Khoja Stage in the CBD. The resort is just past Ndereru and Ruaka and for those driving, Limuru Road is the best route. After the two small towns above, The Dam Redhill will come into view on your right just before getting to Sovereign Suites.

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